Making the Most of your Couples Therapy

02 May 2018

Making the Most of your Couples Therapy

02 May 2018:

By the time you look at your partner and shake your head before you say the words ’I think we should go to therapy’, then you must have felt like your back was totally against the wall. However, studies show that only half of the couples that consider therapy actually make it. So, you might find yourself wondering, is it really worth the hassle? What can be done to ensure that you actually come out strong? The following are some tips to improve your chances at couple’s therapy.

First and most importantly is to remember that it is not just about showing up. Couples therapy is very different from depression or anxiety therapy. It is a more intense process that calls for you to give everything you have. How, you ask?

In conclusion, couple’s therapy is a long, difficult process but we can’t argue with the results. Besides, it is definitely worth it in the end. If you are seeking a different type of psychologist then you can often find that they practice under the one roof, for more information on different types of psychology click here if you are from Melbourne or St Kilda. Also note that this page also offers couples therapy if you have decided