03 Sep 2015


03 Sep 2015:

Karcher high pressure cleaners provide impressive benefits to users in terms of:

This can be used when you are cleaning stubborn dirt. High pressure cleaners remain the best solution for grease and oil.

Benefits of cleaning with hot water

Hot water will really make a huge difference. According to the available research, high pressure cleaners have the capacity to upgrade water temperature from around 12 degree centigrade to about 155 degree centigrade. However, this depends on a number of the following factors:

Cleaning with hot water offers a lot of impressive advantages as well as optimises the cleaning process.

Better cleaning Result

Hot water provides great results like:

In the food industry, grease and oil can be extremely loosened with hot water effectively and easily.

Minimizes cleaning agent consumption

Resin, oil, grease etc can be safely removed with hot water. You don’t need to use much detergent or you can decide to use less detergent.

Additionally, hot water conserves resources as well as protects the environment.

Faster drying time

Any surface that is cleaned with hot water dries faster, because of heat.

Improved hygiene

There will be a reduction in germs or even complete eradication of germs when you clean the surface with extremely hot water.

By extremely hot water, we are invariably talking about water that boiled at 100 degree centigrade. Without disinfectant, hot water can reduce germs drastically.

Shorter working time

Hot water looses dirt at a faster rate and significantly performs a wide range of cleaning tasks effectively and efficiently.

Higher temperature achieves great results

Heat energy is very essential in the cleaning process.

A Karcher high pressure cleaner is available in various forms, models, and classes. No matter your needs or preferences, you will find the right machine for you. Just browse through the internet and you will see so many of them.

Robust and high performance machines; it is easy to transport and manoeuvre. It remains the ideal for contract cleaners, retail, automotive, public services and construction workers.

The benefits of Karcher high pressure cleaners can never be overemphasized; in fact you will never regret using it today.

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