Three Reasons Your Windows Must Have Roller Shutters

05 Jul 2016

Three Reasons Your Windows Must Have Roller Shutters

05 Jul 2016:

Window roller shutters can become an integral part of your building when concerns of safety and protection against severe weather are paramount. In some locales around the world like Melbourne or even Chicago, the vagaries of weather in the winter can be testing. Roller shutters act as an excellent medium of insulation and helps in preserving the climate in the building.

Security roller shutters

Roller shutters are typically used in garages and doors. However they can be used in windows for 3 main reasons:

  1. Safety and Security

A metal roller shutterWindow roller shutters are usually seen in buildings in commercial cities like Melbourne since they form the first layer of security. Security roller shutters are used in doors and windows since they can be easily operated by electrical and mechanical means. They are generally made of aluminum, ceramics or PVC depending upon the place they are used in. Window shutters are typically made of aluminum for use in commercial buildings since they provide excellent security features.

Generally crafted as steel blinds or corrugated structures, window roller shutters offer excellent security as they have a solid and durable build. Corrugated steel based shutters offer a solid blockade and are mainly used in institutions like schools, prisons and banks where as the steel blinds based shutters are used in malls and other offices. The advantage of the latter is that it not only provides good security but also works in a semi transparent way through which the insides of the building can be seen. These are popularly used in shopping malls.

One of the latest trends in window roller shutters is the addition of a proximity sensor which triggers a silent alarm when someone tries to touch the shutter or draws too close to it. This feature makes these shutters a solid measure of safety against theft.

  1. Weather and Climate Insulation

The second reason why shutters are most commonly used in places like Melbourne is because of extreme weathers during the year. Temperatures can drop to sub zero during winters and rise up to 30°C during summers. Needless to say the heaters and cooler systems will need to work to overcome these differences to maintain a suitable climate within the room.

The major problem in using steel shutters is that it is a good conductor of heat, and as a result the room will be susceptible to temperature differences from outside. To combat this problem, steel shutters now have an insulating coating on the inside which prevents conduction of heat or cold. As a result the temperature within the room is preserved at no additional cost to efficiency of the heating/cooling system.

  1. Privacy

Window Roller Shutters are mainly used because of the above mentioned 2 advantages. However they do have another advantage of giving great privacy. Shutters are usually used to overcome the drawback of using blinds in window. Though blinds can successfully cover windows, they can do nothing regarding the noise which comes from adjacent rooms or streets.

Insulated window shutters provide an excellent noise insulated atmosphere which allows no sound to escape from the room and no noise to come into room which gives great privacy to the inhabitants of the room. This feature is greatly used in institutions such as prisons, schools and banks where privacy and noise insulation are important.